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The OKSSA board is from most of the larger OK cities and helps support and represent their local areas. The OKSSA with the assistance of the SSA operates as a watchdog to fight potential unfavorable legislation such as sales taxes, lien law changes and late fee caps. The board has a vested interest in our business.

In 2011, the OKSSA became an affiliate member of the national Self Storage Association (SSA). Several examples will be presented at the meeting that will demonstrate why it is important to remain vigilant in protecting our business interests on both a national and state level. Membership in the OKSSA will also include indirect membership in the SSA. These benefits include:

  1. An annual subscription to the monthly SSA Globe magazine;
  2. Free call-in attendance to SSA’s On-line University Live Web casts;
  3. Access to the SSA-MiniCo Health Insurance Program 9both Major Medical as well as Limited Benefit plans);
  4. Access to the SSA-Self Storage Legal Network Affiliate Plan;
  5. Special discounted pricing to all SSA Conventions, Trade Shows;
  6. Special discounted pricing on all SSA Publications;
  7. Special discounted pricing on all SSA stand-alone educational seminars or programs; and,
  8. Special discounted pricing on all SSA-REIS Quarterly Rental Rate & Occupancy Data Reports on the Top Fifty U.S. Markets (279 Submarkets).

As you can see the benefits of joining the OKSSA are great.

Storage Owners click here for OkSSA Membership printable form for facility membership information.

Questions about membership in the Oklahoma Self-Storage Association?

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