The Oklahoma Self Storage Association is a non-profit storage industry association created to promote a standard of professionalism within the self-storage industry. This organization is made up of owner/operators whose facilities range from one-unit operators to multiple facility owners. There are associate members representing vendors that serve the self industry as well as those individuals who are interested in getting involved.

The primary aim of the OK Self Storage Association is to give each owner a support system for dealing with problems such as business issues, lien law problems, public sales, property tax, and manager education. We are here to promote sound legislative proposals affecting our industry and preserve high standards of conduct in ourselves and in the self-storage industry. Get more information about OKSSA Membership.

Our hope is that by offering our members a model for creating a current and reliable self-storage lease, we will be able to give Oklahoma mini-storage operators, a degree of protection from unnecessary legal disputes.

Questions about membership in the Oklahoma Self-Storage Association?

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